Summer Kiss Melon-Blackberry Mimosas


Though a classic Mimosa is made with orange juice, many other fruit juices also work well with bubbly champagne.  Especially melons!


The Summer Kiss melon in this Mimosa adds a beautiful green hue, and a splash of refreshing, sweetness.  And the pretty blackberries offer another layer of both color and flavor, making this a truly stunning cocktail.


If you really want to wow your guests at the next brunch you host, serve this special treat. 


Summer Kiss Melon-Blackberry Mimosa Recipe:


Serves about 6

Prep Time: 15 minutes


4 cups Summer Kiss melon, cut into large chunks (about 1/2 of a melon)

2 tablespoons Midori 

1 cup blackberries, cut in half

1 chilled bottle of your favorite champagne


1.  Add the melon chunks to a food processor fitted with the blade attachment.  Purée the melon until it's as smooth as possible. 


2.  Place a strainer over a serving pitcher and pour the melon purée into it. Use the back of a large metal spoon to press of the melon purée to get as much juice as possible.  (There should only be small amount of melon pulp remaining in the strainer when you're done.)


3.  Add the Midori and blackberries and gently stir.


4.  Just before you're ready to serve, pour the chilled champagne into the pitcher and stir to blend.

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