Golden Kiss Melontini


There's an art and a skill to mixing drinks -- to being a mixologist, if you will.  Mixologists all over the country are getting more and more creative these days.  There's a whole new wave of drinks being mixed using techniques and ingredients that will reinvent your old favorites or create something new and exciting.


Your friends might just think you attended Mixology school after sipping this delicious, smooth, and slightly sweet cocktail.  Perfect for a summer evening with friends, I'd add this to your repertoire of fun, delectable libations!


Golden Kiss Melontini Recipe:


Makes 1 Melontini

Prep Time: 5 minutes


1 cup Golden Kiss Melon, roughly cut into large chunks 

3 oz vodka

1 tablespoon Midori 

Melon balls and an extra long toothpick for garnish



1.  Add the melon to a food processor fitted with the blade attachment and blend until it's a thick juice, about 30 seconds.  You will have about 3 times as much as you'll be needing for 1 Melontini, but if you try to blend a lesser amount, it likely won't work. (You will need 2 tablespoons for 1 Melontini -- save the rest for more, or for other melon recipes.)


3.  Add 2 tablespoons of blended melon juice, vodka, and Midori to a shaker filled with ice. 


4.  Shake and pour into a Martini glass, and if desired, add a couple of melon balls to a long toothpick to add for garnish. 


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